Response to Nitrogen

Oct 17, 2018

Response to Nitrogen

For the last seven years, WinField United has measured RTN scores of various hybrids through the Answer Plot® testing program. A high RTN score indicates the hybrid has an increased chance of a return on investment from applying additional nitrogen or managing nitrogen for availability later in the growing season. A low RTN score indicates the hybrid has an acceptable yield potential even in situations where nitrogen may be limited.
Ranges for Response to Nitrogen scores are 39.5 to 97.2 bushels per acre.
Let’s run through an example:
  • Nitrogen Product + Application Costs = $150
  • $3.00 Commodity Price
  • A 50-bushel response is needed to break even
This example shows that there would not have been an ROI for a low RTN variety. However, a high RTN variety would have given you a BIG ROI!
Keep nitrogen in mind when choosing corn varieties this season and work with your agronomist to create the best nutrient management plan for your fields. Doing so will help optimize ROI and yield potential and keep your nitrogen where it should be: in your crop.
Utilize Central Advantage to help with nitrogen application timing and recommendations.

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Great benefits, flexibility, and the opportunity to work with a great team.

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