Response to Fungicide

Oct 17, 2018

Response to Fungicide

Disease was prevalent in CFS geography in 2018.  As we go into 2019 knowing where and when a fungicide will have a positive return can be the difference between making money and losing money.  We use an RTF score to determine whether a variety will have a positive or negative response to the fungicide.  2017 Answer Plot data shows varieties ranged from 0 to 37-bushel response on a fungicide application. 

Central Advantage has hybrid data on fungicide applications.  For example:
3909SS has a high RTF score.  Our data from Central Advantage shows that 3909SS had a 14+ bushel response from a tassel application of fungicide.  That’s $42 of additional revenue per acre (assuming $3 commodity prices)!

Dan Larson, one of our CFS agronomists, tested a fungicide application with one of his customers.  The in-season image below shows the difference where fungicide was applied and where it was not. The area on the right (green) displays healthier plants than the left (red).


If interested, we have more local data on RTF scores and fungicide application results.    Contact your local Central Farm Service or Central Advantage Representative to see which hybrids show a better ROI.

*Applying fungicide to high RTF varieties does not guarantee a positive response.  Work with your CFS agronomist on choosing the right hybrids and when to apply fungicides on your field.

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