Maximizing Yield and Profit with Central Advantage

Feb 04, 2020

Sagan King, Central Advantage Growth Specialist

What do you think of when you want to maximize yields? Do you know exactly where you should invest your input dollar to make the most yield across your farm? It can be a daunting task and possibly one of the biggest risk factors in farming. Central Advantage has been working with our producers to help identify how we can maximize yield efficiently across your acres.  

It starts with understanding what is driving yields across your field. Central Advantage takes the complexity out of this by organizing your field's information in easy to read reports which highlight features that have an impact on your yield. Our Top Ten Reports are a great example. They show what is driving the yield from a whole farm outlook down to an individual acre. We learned many years ago, all fields have different features, and therefore must be managed individually. Once we have identified what is driving your yields, we help create prescriptions that will allow you to manage your inputs more effectively. Each one is tested with Learning Blocks, which will prove if the prescription rate is working. 
If your recs are not proven, how do you know if you are making progress? Now that we have identified your yield-limiting variables and have built prescriptions to address the situations, it is now time to analyze if we are MAXIMIZING YIELD and PROFITS. We have a series of reports that breakdown your COST PER BUSHEL that will truly show you that your reallocated input dollar has made you money. These reports will show you a MAP of your field, including all your data layers, that tells you exactly where you made money or lost money. Did that extra seed make me money? Did reducing fertilizer here lose money? All these questions are answered and allow us to become better farm managers!
Our Central Advantage team is available to give demos on how we can help take the risk out of managing our inputs in these crucial times. Don’t go into another year blind. CONTACT US TODAY!


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