July 2021 Cream of the Crop Award is Sienna Held

Jul 30, 2021

The Cream of the Crop Award is to recognize the dedication and hard work of one of our CFS team-mates.  This is when we proudly thank someone for their contributions to our co-op, our patrons and our teams – this award is for someone who truly is the “Cream of the Crop”!

The recipient of the July 2021 Cream of the Crop Award is Sienna Held!
Sienna is a part of our Central Advantage Team, working with sellers and servicing growers in the northeastern part of our CFS territory. She has continuously improved her skills as a Precision Ag Data Tech and worked toward her goals. The AgriEdge platform that CAGS provides to growers is headed up by Sienna as well. Most recently, as a reflection of her knowledge and abilities in mastering the Central Advantage, NitrateNow, AgriEdge, and TruTerra offerings, Sienna is being promoted to Senior Precision Data Tech on the CAGS Team. We thank Sienna for being a team player and for her dedication CAGS. Congrats Sienna!


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Nov 17,2022
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Great benefits, flexibility, and the opportunity to work with a great team.

Deliver feed to local customers and be home every night. Must have a valid Class A or Class B Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and a good driving record.

Apply at cfscoop.com/cfs-careers or call Marcy at 507-863-2191.

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