Sep 21, 2020

Harvest is knocking at our doorsteps, and for some, it has already started. We here at CFS wanted to take this time to wish our area farmers a safe and successful harvest season.

Throughout the last few weeks, we have been busy preparing for the upcoming harvest season. Some days I feel like a child the night before Christmas, all the presents are wrapped, the decorations are just right, the cookies are out and waiting for Santa Claus, now it’s time for Santa to make his appearance! The excitement is building.

We at CFS want to ensure you, our customers, that all our locations are ready for the upcoming harvest season. We have ample space, made some slight changes to our Grain Policies, and have the harvest hours set in place.  

Here are a few highlights of the changes to our Grain Policies from last year:

  • Corn drying charge on bushels over 18% has decreased to 3.5 cents a point.
  • No Minimum on Price Later corn
  • The minimum drying charge for our high-volume drying program has decreased slightly.
  • Reduced, the soybean moisture discount on beans coming in 13.1 to 14.
  • Price later Minimum on soybeans moved out to May 31st
  • For a complete listing of our grain policies, please visit our website. https://www.cfscoop.com/Grain

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May 28, 2024
Join the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota on June 1 for Ag Education
Day. Ag is so relevant in our region, but many children only “see” it from a bus window. This FREE 
Museum day gives a hands-on opportunity to explore, learn, and ask questions about the importance 
of agriculture in our everyday life. Teaching children about agriculture at a young age can help 
them start recognizing how it impacts the world around them and can help them learn other important 
aspects about life.
Aug 21, 2023
Truckload Sale

May 17, 2023
Highlights as of 5/16:
Planting and weather conditions are the name of the game currently. With planting progress looking very favorable and the weather forecast showing above normal temps and below normal precipitation for much of the corn belt all signs point to very good planting conditions. With that, we gave up yesterday’s gains on old crop and put in some new lows on December corn.