Congratulations to the July Cream of the Crop Award Winner - Courtney Gilliland

Jul 09, 2020

The Cream of the Crop Award is to recognize the dedication and hard work of one of our CFS team-mates.  This is when we proudly thank someone for their contributions to our co-op, our patrons and our teams – this award is for someone who truly is the “Cream of the Crop”!
The recipient of the July 2020 Cream of the Crop Award is Courtney Gilliland!
Courtney is a critical team member on the CFS agronomy team.  Besides serving our customers in the Blooming Prairie area, Courtney takes a lead role for CFS seed business in the SE region of CFS, contributes on several committees directing the agronomy business, and is always willing to pitch in wherever needed operationally to help her team serve our owners.  She is committed to her craft and remains a student of the game so she can be the best agronomist her customers could ask for.   Courtney is extremely diligent regarding our SOPs and does a fantastic job both communicating and planning ahead.  She is also not shy to hold a high standard for her team—she always wants peak efficiency and service to be the results of her work.  Nominated by several of her peers for this award for various impressive reasons, we are proud to present Courtney with the Cream of the Crop Award.

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