Congratulations to the April 2021 Cream of the Crop Award Winners: Mike Motl Jr. and Mike Motl Sr.

May 26, 2021

The Cream of the Crop Award is to recognize the dedication and hard work of one of our CFS team-mates.  This is when we proudly thank someone for their contributions to our co-op, our patrons and our teams – this award is for someone who truly is the “Cream of the Crop”! 

The recipients of the April 2021 Cream of the Crop Award are Mike Motl Jr and Mike Motl Sr!
This father – son team is fairly new to the transport division but chosen because of their willingness to always help out with anything - whenever they are asked. 
They worked endless hours piling corn at the Hayfield site last fall and then helped getting it all back up again.  They have been called upon late at night and on the weekends and never said no, including hauling corn screenings from Randolph on the coldest Sunday of the year!  Their assistance this spring in agronomy pulling both dry and liquid fertilizer tenders was greatly appreciated and everyone they worked with had high praises for them.
We thank them for their hard work and willingness that truly makes them the Cream of the Crop!

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May 28, 2024
Join the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota on June 1 for Ag Education
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Aug 21, 2023
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May 17, 2023
Highlights as of 5/16:
Planting and weather conditions are the name of the game currently. With planting progress looking very favorable and the weather forecast showing above normal temps and below normal precipitation for much of the corn belt all signs point to very good planting conditions. With that, we gave up yesterday’s gains on old crop and put in some new lows on December corn.