CFS - Committed to Our Customers and Employees

Mar 19, 2020

Dear CFS Member:
We are reaching out to you today to provide an update on the steps we are taking to keep our employees, customers, and families safe. 
Perseverance is the story of agriculture Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Perseverance is not about what you have come through or what lies ahead of you, but what is in you.” In our industry, we power through challenging situations.
All of us at Central Farm Service want to assure you that our commitment to our customers during this time has not changed. We will continue to provide the products and services to receive and market your grain, plant and care for your crops, fuel your equipment and heat your homes, and keep your livestock fed. 
Our sales, operations and administrative teams are taking precautionary measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. With this comes some changes that we need to make you aware of:
  • Face-to-face meetings.  We understand the value and necessity of face-to-face meetings as we prepare for the spring planting season. However, this now comes with a risk. We ask that when possible, business be conducted by phone or other electronic communications. Any face-to-face meetings will be arranged before the farm call. 
  • Restriction of visitors to our facilities. To limit our team’s exposure, our locations will not be open to visitors. We ask that you reach out to us by phone, mail, or email so that we can continue to meet your needs. Please note, grain checks will be mailed or direct deposit, they will not be available for pickup.
  •  Limited exposure to our facilities. For those who are delivering or picking up at our locations, we ask that you call ahead so we may prepare for your delivery or pick up, upon arrival remain in your vehicle as we are happy to load or unload these items for you. For those delivering grain to our locations, where it is normal practice for you/driver to open hoppers/end gates, we ask that you continue to do so and then return to your vehicle. At locations where it is normal practice for a CFS employee to open hoppers/end gates, this will continue, we ask that you/driver remain in your vehicle. Where remote printers are not available, scale tickets will be sent by mail or email. Grade and bushel information can also be found online at E-Agvantage. When followed, no contact with a CFS employee and a driver should occur. 
  • Limited staff at our facilities. Our preparations as we approach this critical time of year in the ag industry have not changed. We are putting precautions in place so that we may continue to meet the needs of your operation. During this time, you may notice limited staff at our locations. Multiple reasons are impacting our need to limit staff, including the overall safety and health of our employees and the closure of schools and daycares. 
  • Preparation for supply changes. Right now, we have an ample inventory of most of our products. We anticipate being able to meet all our customers’ known spring needs. We will certainly keep you posted if this changes. 
  • Consideration for your safety. In the event you have concerns about your health and safety and its impact on your CFS needs, please contact your CFS representative or CFS location immediately, and we can help you work through it. 
We are thankful for your business and cooperation as we work through this difficult time and look forward to our continued partnership. 


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