Purina® Honor® Show Poultry Starter Amp

Honor® Show Poultry Starter is a nutritionally complete, balanced ration perfect for newly hatched broilers to 28 days and newly hatched turkeys to 12 weeks. This 30% protein diet is designed to develop chicks and poults to their full genetic potential.

Our line of Honor Show Poultry feeds have been formulated with the latest researched technology and formulations.  Now with Amprolium AND Flavomycin to battle coccidiosis, Ambitine to aid gut health, alleviate to maintain proper gastric pH in Show stressed birds, plus a higher energy content to aid fast growth, Purina Honor Show’s NEW poultry feed will take you to the winner’s circle. 

Features & Benefits

Medicated (Amprolium & Flavomycin)

To aid in the prevention of coccidiosis to support growth and development.  No withdraw time required.

Nutritionally complete feed

Provides all the essential nutrients to development; broilers from hatch through 21 days of age and turkeys from hatch through 10 weeks of age.

High levels of fat and energy

To provide the energy needed to support growth and muscle development and to improve feed efficiency.

Essential Amino Acid Balance

Gets birds off to a good start and quickly grows them into Show conditions.  Allows proper growth and development to produce good conformation and develop excellent feathering.