All-Milk 22-20 Non-Medicated Calf Milk Replacer

Foster a healthy herd with help from Purina calf milk replacer. High-protein, non-medicated calf milk replacer features a 22% protein, 20% fat formula for premium performance and early health and growth. This calf milk replacer is formulated with an exclusive blend of essential oils, herbs, spices, extracts, and natural flavors to support intestinal health and encourage feed intake. Easy mixing formula.

  • Highly digestible all-milk proteins
  • Calf supplement provides complete and balanced nutrition with 22% protein and 20% fat
  • Added vitamins and minerals, essential oils, herbs and extracts to help support digestive health and immune function
  • Easy mix formula
  • Non-medicated calf milk replacer

22% protein, premium all-milk calf milk replacer for optimal growth and performance.