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Central Advantage GS puts your information to work for you. Today’s farming operations are heavily influenced by technology and data. By using Central Advantage GS data analysis tools we are able put the information together in one source to help you utilize your data efficiently to help you achieve maximum return.

The role of precision agriculture has become invaluable. A well structured precision agriculture program can be utilized to monitor and manage every aspect of farming. Improvements in technology have increased accuracy of data collection from a few feet to within a couple of inches. Variable rate technology can now be used when planting seed and applying lime and many other nutrients.

Central Advantage GS has been the Precision Ag leader in southern Minnesota since 2003.  The program started with 10,000 acres and consisted of basic data analysis and variety selection. Since its introduction, Central Advantage has grown to over 250,000 acres, which represent 150 different farming operations.

The program offers a number of valuable precision tools that can be used to increase production. Variable rate technology is used to write variable rate prescriptions for seed, fertilizer, and lime. Central Advantage also offers a complete data management tool. Data is collected, analyzed and compiled each year to increase the accuracy of our recommendations and the production of your acre.

Planting, VR fertilizer application, soil testing, and yield data are layered and used together when analyzing and managing each field. Central Advantage GS is a complete farm management tool.

When managed correctly, nitrogen can account for over half of a corn crop’s yield potential. Effective nitrogen management requires fast and accurate soil measurements to determine optimal application rates. The NitrateNow program was developed to manage your nitrogen by using your soil data to create a recommendation for the right amount of nitrogen to apply to the right areas of the field to maximize yield. The program strives to increase nitrogen use efficiency, while minimizing the application of excess nitrogen. A more efficient N program saves money and can improve yields.

NitrateNow provides fast, accurate, in-season, geo-referenced measurements of soil nitrate. This system delivers laboratory-quality immediate feedback on available nitrogen levels. You can get the results quickly, not weeks later. That means you can make management decisions and act on the information in a timely manner and start developing a more effective and efficient nitrogen program.

The program focuses on in-season nitrate grid sampling and the utilization of Management Zones. Management Zones address yield potential variability throughout a field and are based on soil characteristics and previous yield data. Based on the data collected through the grid soil sampling, the NitrateNow program will created customized variable rate recommendations and apply them to your Management Zones. Nitrogen application recommendations are based on nitrate ppm results and yield goals for each Zone. These recommendations can be adjusted as necessary and tailored for various nitrogen sources.

We are continually testing and improving nitrogen recommendations. The NitrateNow program includes an innovative approach to gain even more information about N application and yield performance. Learning Blocks are designated within management zones. These sections are typically at least an acre in size and act as check areas. Application prescriptions can be set to apply a higher or lower rate within these areas to see the yield response.
Climate Pro
CFS is a registered dealer for the Climate Corporation, offering the Climate FieldView Pro™, Climate FieldView Plus™, and Climate FieldView Prime™ decision support tools.

Climate FieldView Pro™: Powerful and easy-to-use Climate FieldView Pro helps you improve productivity and protect yield. It combines your knowledge with historical and up-to-date information to generate customized insights to help you and your trusted CFS Regional Sales Agronomist make the best decisions for your farm. Also with Climate FieldView Pro, you get all the benefits of Climate FieldView Prime™, including field-level weather, notifications and scouting. More information

Climate FieldView Plus™: Get all your data in one place for a deeper understanding of your fields. New for 2016, Climate FieldView Plus™ allows you to collect and visualize your data all in one place. This helps you increase knowledge of your fields and make better decisions all season long. More information

Climate FieldView Prime™:
See field conditions across your entire operation — from anywhere. Climate FieldView Prime™ provides you with field-level weather data, notifications and scouting tools so you can make timely operational decisions no matter where you are. More information

Contact a CFS Regional Sales Agronomist
for more information about Climate FieldView Pro™, Climate FieldView Plus™, and Climate FieldView Prime™ decision support tools.

R7® Tool by WinField

The R7® Tool by WinField is a precision farming tool that provides unbiased product performance information and critical field information to help develop and evaluate variable-rate prescriptions.

Compatible with other precision ag products, the proprietary R7® Tool by WinField features satellite imagery that allows farmers to view field maps with historical data, soil variability and other vital information. Incorporating precise, local Answer Plot® data into each zone of the field lets farmers, along with their WinField representatives, develop customized prescriptions for their operations. WinField continues to enhance the functionality of the R7® Tool to help farmers determine return on investment (ROI) and product performance.

Using the R7® Placement Strategy as a foundation, the R7® Tool offers a host of specialized functions, including:

Top 10

The Top 10 function lists the 10 best-performing corn hybrids or soybean varieties for a field based on soil type in a selected location. For example, in corn, it provides information on yield potential, anticipated ear size and root appearance for each hybrid. This function helps agronomists use the R7® Placement Strategy to identify the best genetic choices for each field.

Corn Characterization Charts

The CHT Tool allows farmers to use Answer Plot® Program data to make detailed comparisons of CROPLAN® seed and seed from other major companies to envision how products are projected to perform on their specific fields. These comparisons take into account variables that include soil type, crop rotation activity, plant population and management practices (e.g., more aggressive or more conservative fertility programs; limited or non-limited nitrogen).

In-Season Imagery

In-season images provided by the R7® Tool capture plant health data that serve as an advance scouting tool. The imagery helps agronomists identify problem areas within a field as the season progresses so they can help farmers take corrective measures before yield potential is jeopardized.

Field Response Map

The Field Response Map combines yield map data with a prescription map to illustrate the response to the prescription for that field, providing an opportunity to improve field productivity potential the following year.

Profitability Map

The R7® Tool Profitability Map connects input costs and yield potential map data to determine ROI. Areas found to be less profitable provide an opportunity to better align input investments with yield potential the following year.

For more information on how the R7® Tool can help you optimize yield potential, talk with your CFS Agronomists
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