Are You Reaching Your Calf’s Full Potential?

Feb 25, 2020

In today’s dairy economy you can’t afford to leave any money on the table. Land O’ Lakes milk replacers and Purina feeds are here to help you make the most profitable calf for your operation. Our milk replacers are formulated for gut health and to support the calf’s microbiome. Balanced for the optimal protein to fat ratios will help to reduce your animals’ cost per pound of gain, which will keep more money in your pocket and give you a better return on your calf crop. 
The probiotics and prebiotic added into our milk replacers aid calves in breaking down nutrients for energy and addressing any health challenges they may face. Offering a high plain of nutrition to your calves with increase their growth and decrease their treatments. Our Purina Full potential program offers you 2,740 more pounds of milk first lactation and 6,588 more pounds of milk after three lactations.
Contact your Purina and Land O’ Lakes Calf and Heifer Team to help your calves reach their Full Potential! 

  -Kayti Lyseth: Regional Purina Calf and Heifer Specialist

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Mar 28,2023
During the Closing General Session on March 23, NGFA Chairman Greg Beck presented the NGFA Distinguished Service Award to Dennis Inman, the vice president of grain at Central Farm Service.
Mar 28,2023
Jim Jung, CFS Energy Operations Manager, was awarded the G.F. Bursinger Award, the Minnesota Propane Association's highest award for leadership and service to the propane industry and the propane association.
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“Another great mentor has been Dennis Inman, vice president of Grain at CFS and former location manager for Cargill in Pipestone, MN in the early ‘90s. I worked for Dennis early in my career, and he was a great communicator.