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🚜🌾 Randolph Grain Bin Update! 🌾

Jul 03, 2024

New CFS Bin Randolph
Exciting news from Randolph! We've made significant progress on our new grain bin project:
Bridge and Conveyors Set: The bridge and conveyors are now installed and operational!
Improved Clearance: We’ve shortened the Bin 1 conveyors for better clearance, enhancing efficiency.
Spout Set: The spout has been set to the overhead, optimizing our grain flow.
Reclaim Conveyor: We're almost 93% complete with the reclaim conveyor!
Conduit Work: Ongoing work on running conduit is moving along smoothly.
Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to improve our operations! 🌟 #RandolphGrainBin #CFSInnovation #Harvest2024

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Jul 03, 2024
🚧🏗️ Progress on the St. James Feed Mill Demolition! 🏗️🚧
We're making great strides in demolishing the old St. James Feed Mill! 🚜
Stay tuned for more updates on this transformation! 🌟
#StJamesFeedMill #DemolitionProgress
Jul 03, 2024
Following the conclusion of Festag on July 17th, the board has approved the demolition of the Minnesota Lake woodhouse, scheduled to start on July 22nd. This decision, made with careful consideration for safety and operational efficiency, ensures our continued commitment to maintaining a safe environment for our community and operational efficiency.
Jun 04, 2024
Central Farm Service (CFS) is thrilled to welcome Mason Brown, a 2024 Blooming Prairie High School graduate, to our team. Mason joins us through the CFS Career Path Program, which offers cross-training opportunities and college tuition assistance, providing a fantastic start to a career in agriculture.