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Get Those Bins Cored

Jan 03, 2020

Eric Dubbelde, Grain Marketing Advisor

Now that harvest is complete, and we’ve rung in the New Year, it’s the perfect time to get your grain bins cored. Coring will remove almost 90% of the fines, improving aeration. These fines are little broken pieces of grain which accumulate in the center of your bin during loading. A high density of fines, in the center core, restricting the airflow within the bin, will reduce your ability to manage dry-down and manage the quality of your grain effectively. A big question that gets asked is, "How much grain should I remove to effectively core my bins?" The answer to this question is dependent on the bin size. The recommendation is to remove half of the peak to create an inverted cone. This practice will provide optimum aeration to the rest of the bin!

 Your CFS Grain Market Advisor is the perfect ally in this situation regarding the best strategy and location to move this grain. We have an abundance of contracts and flex delivery opportunities to take advantage of when making grain marketing decisions, allowing for the perfect opportunity to manage your grain and pricing risks!

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