This is a written copy of your binding verbal agreement. Call your Central Farm Service Sales Rep immediately if this contract does not agree with your understanding of this transaction. Retention of this contract without immediately calling in objections to specific terms and conditions shall constitute Buyer’s acceptance of all terms and conditions incorporated herein. The terms of this contract control over the terms and conditions, if any, contained in any other written or oral agreement regarding this transaction. Central Farm Service is and will be relying on your legally binding verbal commitments under this contract by making offsetting commitments to purchase products from their suppliers.



Monthly statement for propane due in full by the 20th of statement period. The total deposit dollars will ve held by CFS until contract completion and then used for settlement fees, if any exist, first.


  • Contracting is only available to accounts in good credit standing with CFS. Normal credit terms apply.
  • If your account with CFS becomes delinquent, CFS reserves the right to stop deliveries until account becomes current.
  • Delivery charges apply to any requested delivery of less than current CFS posted minimum gallons at rates as posted on retail price sheet.
  • Neither party to this agreement shall be responsible for loss or damage resulting from a delay in performance or failure to perform under this agreement if any such failure results from or is due to fire, flood, storm, earthquake, tidal wave, war, military operation, national emergency, civil commotion, strikes, or other differences with workmen or unions or by an order, requisition or request of any governmental agency, or product outages at terminals normally used to supply products to CFS
  • Customer acknowledges that he/she understands that prices in petroleum markets are subject to sharp fluctuations that may be unexpected and may result in losses, that any market news and pricing analysis provided by CFS as a service to Customer does not represent a recommendation or a solicitation of actions based on such analysis, and that although such analysis is based on information that CFS does consider reliable, it is no more than CFS’s current opinion; at no time does CFS represent that it is accurate or complete, and should not be relied upon as accurate or complete. Customer agrees that he/she is responsible for making all final decisions as to transactions effected by this memorandum of agreement.
  • If there are remaining gallons on expiring contracts CFS reserves the right to do a mark to market on unused contract gallons. Mark to market is defined as: CFS will invoice customer a 5 cent per gallon processing fee on all undelivered contract gallons. In addition to the processing fee, CFS will invoice customer the difference on any undelivered contract gallons that are higher in price than CFS’s retail pricing on the last business day prior to contract expiration.
  • Pricing on this contract is subject to change whenever any taxes or fees are changed or imposed by any Government agency and is subject to change whenever a pipeline tariff or freight rate change is imposed on CFS by CFS’s suppliers.
  • By signing I confirm I have read and understand all terms and conditions of this contract. I understand I will be subject to charges if I do not take delivery of all the contracted gallons within the contracted time-period. I also confirm I have received a copy of, have read, and agree to Central Farm Service delivery and payment policies. This contract must be signed and submitted to Central Farm Service within 5 days of price quote to make your contract valid.

By signing this contract you are confirming your verbal agreement and agreeing that the terms of this contract control over the terms and conditions, if any, contained in any other written or oral agreement made by Central Farm Service regarding this transaction.

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