Our Story

Formed by the union of strong, successful ag-focused cooperatives with rich traditions and deep roots in the communities we serve, CFS turns progress into powerful solutions for our customers. We are shaped by our past experience, not bound by it. We use what we have learned as a foundation that allows us to work efficiently in the present, and we are focused on shaping the future. In all we do, we are guided by five core principles.

1)We consider our customers first.

Our customers are engaged in a generational business, so short-term success is not enough. We utilize our experience, resources, specialized staff and innovative programs to address the needs of customers at every professional stage—from those just establishing themselves, to the veterans preparing to pass the baton.

2)We harness change for the benefit of our member/owners.

Change is a constant in our industry,and the pace of that change continues to accelerate. Those we serve need a trusted partner to help them navigate the ocean of changing products, technologies, production practices, regulations and consumer demands. We are that partner, evaluating the options and offering only the innovative technologies, programs and principles that will deliver a positive return on investment to our member/owners.

3)We give back to our communities. 

This is where we live and work, so we place a high value on being good citizens of our communities. We support local organizations and individuals, and we encourage our employees to take active roles in community organizations.

4) We provide avenues for employee growth and success.

  Our goal is to be the preferred employer in our area. To that end, we strive to create a work environment that is safe, promotes individual growth through training and quality supervision, and creates pathways for advancement in the organization and the industry.

5)We all own this.

We remain committed to sustainability and the cooperative way of doing business, where the members own the company, guide the decision-making process, and share the benefits that come from working together. There is strength in numbers. There is power in progress


CFS Mission and Vision Statements 

Mission: Member focused solutions powered through cooperation

Vision: Linking our patrons with the world