there are no exceptions when it comes to farm safety

Topics to Consider:

Tractor & Equipment Safety
Animal Safety
Chemical Safety
Personal Pretective Equipment
Stay Safe on the Farm
Central Farm Service promotes an environment of safety for both our employees and our member-owners. Safety starts at home, and for our team and our members' farm safety is vital!

Before harvest, we would like to encourage our employees and members to take a moment and spend some time with their kids or grandkids in preschool to sixth grade to talk about how to stay safe on the farm. Following your discussion, please have your kids draw what they learned and send it to CFS so that we may include it in our CFS Kid's Safety Book. 

The CFS Kids Farm Safety Book will include drawings from the kids on topics such as tractor & equipment safety, animal safety, chemical safety, staying safe on the farm, and personal protective equipment. Each of these kids will be a farm safety leader and will help to set great examples.

We know that staying safe on the farm requires year-round conversations, so we will host the CFS Kid's Farm Safety book on our website so that others will be able to view it and watch it grow. Each child that submits a drawing will receive a gift certificate for a free ice cream cone. We are excited to see the farm safety drawings. Thank you for submitting your artwork!
*I hereby grant permission for my kid/grandkid's name and artwork to be displayed on the Central Farm Service's website:

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