88% of Tissue Samples Show Zinc as a Potential Limiting Factor

Local Micro-Nutrient Trends
1) Historical data shows that zinc is a limiting factor which could also be a key yield factor this year. (as shown above)

2) Zinc plays a critical role in maximizing leaf and vascular growth and root development.

3) Past tissue samples show that nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus are more likely to be deficient if you have low zinc levels.  We have seen better uptake of macro-nutrients if zinc is addressed.

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CFS Recommendation
Past Central Advantage data shows applying MAX-IN® Ultra ZMB® gives an average 3.08 bu/ac increase.

CFS Recommendation: Apply 1 to 2 quarts of MAX-IN® Ultra ZMB® per acre for most crops. Apply from V3 to V8 stage corn; later if tissue testing indicates a need.

Foliar Micronutrient with CornSorb® Technology MAX-IN® Ultra ZMB® combines zinc, manganese and boron into one convenient and effective foliar micronutrient product.  MAX-IN® products con-tain CornSorb® technology to greatly increase the movement of micronutrients through the plant.

Every Field is Different: More Information = The Best Decision

This spring has been challenging (to say the least).  Every field is in a different situation which results in higher and lower yield potential. 

The only way to know if an in-season application is right for each of your fields is to have all the information

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