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Grain Price Protection Service (GPPS) provides truly unique and effective grain marketing assistance for CFS customers. 

Participate in Grain Price Protection Service™ and you will make consistently better marketing decisions. You will have peace of mind knowing that our full-time marketing professionals, who have a vested interest in your success, are working every day to help you make better marketing decisions. This gives you more time and confidence to concentrate on production and growing your business.

Advantages of GPPS

  • Full-time local advisors who deliver services of GPPS directly to you.
  • Individualized written marketing plans for each of your crops.
  • Specific recommendations for execution of risk-management strategies developed by GPPS, using flexible cash contracts.
  • An online record-keeping system helps manage and measure your marketing performance.
  • Access to unbiased market knowledge through emails and regular phone contact.
  • Input on utilization of government programs and crop insurance products.
  • No checks to write, commodity accounts, or margin calls…and most importantly, no surprises


2021.05.19 Grain Market Update with Pete
2021.05.19 Grain Market Update with Pete

5/21/2021 3:08:38 PM

Pete Courteau, CFS Grain Marketing Advisor share a grain market update....

2021.05.05 Grain Division Update with Corey

5/6/2021 3:46:51 PM

Corey Wiederhoeft, CFS Grain Marketing Advisor discusses current market conditions...

Your Grain Marketing Partner

In this digital age, speed is everything. Bigger equipment means a shorter harvest, so our facilities are geared to handle your grain quickly, get you back to the field, and keep that grain in top condition until it’s marketed.

Of course, markets move more quickly too. We’ll keep you connected with our daily commentary and the ability for you to make offers online on our Cash Bids page. Our Grain Price Protection Program offers experienced advisors and the tools to help you formulate an effective marketing plan.

We have vital connections to local ethanol producers and soybean processors, and our 100-shuttle train loaders in Delavan, St. James, Randolph, and Welcome—located on two different railroads—link us to markets across the country and around the world. 

If you’re looking for a partner who handles your grain exactly like you would, choose CFS.



Change Location
Delivery Date Cbot Month Basis Cash Chg
History Aug22
@C2U 1.1000 7.2625 08/09/2022 7:55:00 PM CST
History FH Sep22
@C2U 0.7500 6.9125 08/09/2022 7:55:00 PM CST
History LH Sep 22
@C2U 0.0000 6.1625 08/09/2022 7:55:00 PM CST
History Oct22
@C2Z -0.2500 5.8900 08/09/2022 7:55:00 PM CST
History Nov22
@C2Z -0.2500 5.8900 08/09/2022 7:55:00 PM CST
History Dec22
@C2Z -0.2000 5.9400 08/09/2022 7:55:00 PM CST
History Jan23
@C3H -0.2700 5.9450 08/09/2022 7:48:00 PM CST
History Feb23
@C3H -0.2700 5.9450 08/09/2022 7:48:00 PM CST
History Mar23
@C3H -0.2700 5.9450 08/09/2022 7:48:00 PM CST
History Apr23
@C3K -0.2700 5.9825 08/09/2022 7:53:00 PM CST
History May23
@C3K -0.2700 5.9825 08/09/2022 7:53:00 PM CST
History Jun23
@C3N -0.2700 6.0000 08/09/2022 7:25:00 PM CST
History Jul23
@C3N -0.2700 6.0000 08/09/2022 7:25:00 PM CST
History Aug23
@C3U -0.2700 5.6775 08/09/2022 7:13:00 PM CST
History Oct23
@C3Z -0.4500 5.3850 08/09/2022 7:20:00 PM CST
History Nov23
@C3Z -0.4500 5.3850 08/09/2022 7:20:00 PM CST
History Dec23
@C3Z -0.4000 5.4350 08/09/2022 7:20:00 PM CST
History Jan24
@C4H -0.4000 5.5100 08/09/2022 1:19:00 PM CST


Change Location
ABCD Farms
Feels Like
79 F
64 %
Dew Point
65 F
30.03 inHg
S 5 mph
06:16 AM
08:29 PM

Wed 8/10

Thu 8/11

Fri 8/12

Sat 8/13

Sun 8/14


86 F

78 F

74 F

84 F

81 F


59 F

64 F

62 F

67 F

64 F








Symbol Last Open Close High Low Change
CORN @C2U 6.1625 6.1500 6.1550 6.1750 6.1475 0.0075
CORN @C2Z 6.1400 6.1300 6.1400 6.1600 6.1275 0.0000
CORN @C3H 6.2150 6.2025 6.2150 6.2325 6.2025 0.0000
CORN @C3K 6.2525 6.2500 6.2525 6.2725 6.2450 0.0000
CORN @C3N 6.2700 6.2550 6.2600 6.2775 6.2500 0.0100
CORN @C3U 5.9475 5.9475 5.9400 5.9475 5.9475 0.0075
CORN @C3Z 5.8350 5.8225 5.8350 5.8350 5.8200 0.0000
CORN @C4H 5.9100 5.8975 5.9100 5.9775 5.8975 0.0300
DTN Click here for info on Exchange delays.

Chart Type: 
Range : Start Date End Date
    • Deliver grain while maintaining some pricing flexibility.
    • Capture a historically narrow basis level.
    • Or, move grain while awaiting an expected CBOT rally.
    • Delivery date, quantity, and basis* established by the contract.
    *Basis price level expressed in cents per bushel above or below the CBOT futures for a specified futures month. A final price is set by fixing the CBOT level during CBOT trading hours.

    Basis contracts must be priced before the CBOT delivery month. A basis contract may be rolled ahead to offer more pricing flexibility. In that case, basis will be amended by the spread between the two futures months, and a small service charge will be assessed.

    Plus factors:
    • Risk of basis downside eliminated.
    • Opportunity to take advantage of future CBOT rallies.
    • May avoid weak harvest basis or low flat price.
    • 70% advance on contract value possible after delivery.
    • Buyer assumes quality liability.
    • Eliminate storage or price later charges.
    Potential drawbacks:
    • Future basis improvements cannot be realized.
    • You remain subject to risks of CBOT fluctuations.
    • Requires knowledge of local historical basis.
    • 5,000 bushel increment in the contract.
    • If the market drops sharply, it may be subject to a margin call if you take and advance.
    • Grain is sold for delivery now or at a later date.
    • Use when cash price meets your objective.
    • Both futures and basis may be favorable or one may be significantly stronger to compensate for weakness in the other.
    Plus factors:
    • Easy.
    • Payment is immediate.
    • Risk of price decrease eliminated.
    • No storage costs.
    Potential drawbacks:
    • Futures and basis both locked in.
    • Delivery is required.
    • Future market rallies inaccessible.
    • Customer can take income in preferred tax year.
    • Agreement sets the date and amount of payment.
    • Title passes to the buyer at delivery.
    Plus factors:
    • Receive payment according to cash flow needs or tax advantage.
    • No storage charges or fees.
    Potential drawbacks:
    • Contract defines payment date.
    • Money held by buyer.
    • Locks in a cash price for some future time.
    • Use to lock in favorable new crop price before planting or harvest.
    • Also useful to lock in a “carry.”
    *Market may pay more for grain delivered later. If the forward price is greater than the current price plus storage and interest, locking in the higher price could benefit the producer.

    Plus factors:
    • Easy
    • Stops price decrease risk.
    • Can lock in the carry.
    Potential drawbacks:
    • No money before delivery.
    • Both futures and basis locked in.
    • Lose ability to capitalize on market rally.
    • Delivery is required.
    • Possible penalty for cancellation.
    • Sell specific bushels at predetermined price.
    • Set delivery period.
    • Can be used for grain in the elevator or grain to be delivered.
    • May be in effect for a day or for months at a time.
    Plus factors:
    • Eliminates need to constantly watch markets.
    • Captures short-lived daily rallies.
    • Solidifies your marketing goal.
    • Can apply to any price or any quantity.
    • Use to price cash, stored, or new-crop grain.
    • Cancel at time prior to offer being filled.
    Potential drawbacks:
    • Additional gains will not accrue when market rallies beyond the offered price.
    • When offers are set at even dollar amounts, opportunities can be missed. (Market may rise to just short of offer, then fall again.)
    • Also known as Delayed Pricing or No Price Established Contract.
    • Service charges fluctuate with market.
    • Title passes to buyer on delivery.
    Plus factors:
    • Avoid low harvest prices.
    • Reduced need for on-farm storage.
    • Maintaining quality becomes buyer’s responsibility.
    • Grain can be moved at seller’s convenience.
    Potential drawbacks:
    • Possible price risk due to basis and CBOT fluctuations.
    • Grain must be priced before payment.
    • Grain may not be used as collateral for CCC loans or LDPs.
    • Deliver grain and maintain ownership.
    • Elevator monitors grain quality.
    • With a warehouse receipt, this grain qualifies for CCC loan or as other loan collateral.
    Plus factors:
    • Keep title to grain.
    • Quality risk passes to elevator.
    • Avoid historically low harvest prices.
    • Can transfer grain after storage and loadout charges are paid.
    Potential drawbacks:
    • Cost of storage may exceed market spreads.
    • To acquire warehouse receipt, storage charges and discounts must be paid.

On Farm Pick Up Rates

Using our own truck fleet and calling on the resources of other grain trucking companies, CFS can respond to your transportation needs rapidly. On-farm pickup can save you hauling costs, reduce labor, and speed up delivery.

Charges depend on your location and time spent loading grain. It may also vary according to the destination of that grain. Contact the CFS location nearest you or your GPPS advisor for rates and to schedule a pick up.

Grain Advisors

​Click on photo for contact information.