CFS offers programs and products to meet the nutritional needs of today’s swine industry.

  • Wean/Finish Complete Feed Programs
  • Ignitor – Nursery Program
  • Nursery Premix Program
  • Lead Hog Premix Program
  • Sow Program
  • Lead Sow Premix Program 
  • Swine Management
  • Swine Production Services
    • Dynamic Nutrition Diet Formulation – Enables us to provide a balanced diet based upon the feed intake and desired performance of the animals.
    • Group and Farm Closeouts – Based upon what information you are willing to share, we can give a performance closeout, include a financial closeout and a marketing closeout.
    • Projections – We can put together performance and financial projections to fit into your marketing scheme or pig flow.
    • Feed Budgeting and Tracking – We can help you accurately target consumption needs for best cost performance.
    • Enterprise Review – Based on your past records and your future goals we can help advise you toward your production and future goals. If you have no records, we should get started!
    • Pig Sourcing – CFS is aligned with many pig sources opportunities. There are opportunities in both independent ownership and contract production.
    • Risk Management – There are many good risk management programs available and at CFS we work hard to get you in touch with a program that fits your marketing goals.
    • Extensive Service Area – Just as producers have expanded so has CFS. This makes it easier to service producers that have operations spread over a larger territory and still be able to keep a local presence.
    • Innovative Technologies – CFS continually trains and develop people so that each producer that we work with can have the advantage of the latest innovation along with the advantage of experience.
    • Grain Bank and Contracting – CFS has options to meet your Grain and ingredient needs.
    • Feed Testing and Particle and Micron Size – CFS has on hand a Ro-tap micron tester so we can watch closely the quality of the grind, testing the feed as appropriate.
    • Building and Facility Management – If you have questions about production, ventilation, remodel or expansion, CFS has people trained in swine production and facility management.
  • Swine Nutrition Programs

    Nursery Program 

    • UltraCare Gel — A revolutionary new concept in nutrition for lightweight and early-weaned pigs weighing 5 to 10 pounds. This highly palatable, gel-like formula keeps baby pigs hydrated until they begin to consume water. Young pigs will start on dry feed faster, resulting in extra weight gain in the first week post weaning.
    • UltraCare Electrolytes — Prevents and treats dehydration, dissolves into the water for easy mixing. Contains added Vitamin D for a boost in performance.
    • UltraCare 100 & 200 — A pelleted, highly palatable pre-starter designed for lightweight and early-weaned pigs. The technologies built into this feed will increase intakes and enhance digestion to get baby pigs off to a quick start. Ultra Care 100 is for pigs weighing less than 10 lbs, Ultra Care 200 is used for pigs weighing between 10 and 15 lbs.
    • UltraCare 240 - for 12 to 17 lb pigs
    • UltraCare 300 - 14 to 21 lb pigs
    • Ignitor Program — The CFS Ignitor Nursery Program is designed to provide nursery stage diets rich in energy and balanced proteins. It features a sensible combination of highly complex early diets to promote quick intake.

    Wean-Finish Program

    • Ultra Care Electrolytes — Prevents and treats dehydration, dissolves into the water for easy mixing. Contains added Vitamin D for a boost in performance.
    • NewtraStart — NEWtraStart&trademark; Feed consists of 100% plant-based products with a unique combination of defined herbs, spice extracts and essential oils that are balanced to the needs of nursery pigs, sows and wean-finish animals in order to manage feed transition (intake management), enhance digestion and improve gut health.
    • EcoCare Program — a premium product designed for farms emphasizing environmental stewardship. EcoCare Feed support optimal weight gain and delivers manure technologies that can help reduce ammonia/odors and manure solids.

    Sow Program

    • HealthyEDGE Technology — Helps producers achieve their goal of 30 pigs per sow per year. HealthyEDGE also works to improve the quality of colostrum, which also works to support the intestinal integrity and immune system of young pigs. Helps to improve pre-wean survivability and weight gain.
    • True Appetizer — Helps to maintain intake during summer and warm temperatures.

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  • Swine Industry Links
  • Swine Tools

    Here are some tools the CFS swine team finds helpful when managing hogs. Please contact us with any questions you may have and they would be happy to help!

    *For an updated breakeven, please call Ed, Dave, or Kevin.


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Purina's efforts to maintain quality and safe feed

Purina's efforts to reduce the chances of our feed being a source of ASF infections. We are dedicated to doing what we can to help maintain the quality and safety of our feeds and our system.

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Pig Zero

Singling him out is never easy. When trating disease on your operation, isolating the source can be difficult. So, protect the population with the proactive choice that's right for your herd and best for your business.