St. James Feed Mill Construction - Tower Cam

2022 CFS St. James Feed Mill Construction -5-18-2022
It's cement day for the new feed mill in St. James. Below are some highlights from today:
  • 450 yds of concrete will be poured today
  • The concrete pad will be 42 inches thick
  • 40,000 lbs. of rebar in the cement pad
  • The crew started at 4 AM and will finish later today
  • The cement top will cure in 24 hours and the center will cure in 2 weeks
  • Next steps: stem walls and moving dirt for grinding towers

September 3, 2021

We are excited to announce that we have received unanimous approval from the CFS Board of Directors to move forward with the construction of a 350,000-ton feed mill in St. James, MN.

The construction of this mill will begin in fall 2021 with completion in 2023.

The decision to move forward with this project has not been taken lightly. The current St. James facility has served us well for 40+ years, but frankly, it has run its course. So, the importance of this replacement mill is vital to our feed business.

During the planning process, we enlisted the Land O' Lakes Strategic Asset Management team to take an extensive look into the new business potential, the financial impact on CFS and the feed business, and grain data and distribution. We wanted to ensure our approach was founded on more than the facility needs alone. Their research determined it was favorable for us to move forward.

We are working closely with the City of St. James. They are excited about the opportunity to have CFS grow within their community.

Our approach will be to move forward with a new feed mill in St. James that will have a milling capacity of 350,000 tons and the opportunity for expansion to 550,000 tons. The construction of this new mill will provide new opportunities, maintain our current business and standards, increase the value of our members' grain production, and allow us to continue to provide our members with the highest quality products and services.

We will continue to provide feed mill updates on our website at If you have additional questions, please reach out to Merlyn Kruger or Glenn Eben.



Merlyn Kruger, CEO
Glenn Eben, VP of Feed