Lifestyle Products

Don’t the animals in your life deserve a quality feed? Our lifestyle feeds are a cut above the ordinary. With CFS feeds, you get great nutrition at a price that won’t break the bank.

CFS Offers many different type of lifestyle products. From Equine, to poultry, to wildlife, and everything in between, CFS has what you need. Make sure to check out all of our lifestyle options!

  • PMI Nutrition Dog and Cat Food

    Red Flannel 

    Includes formulas for dogs and cats including:

    • Prime
    • Canine Select
    • Hi-Protein
    • Large Breed - for adult dogs 50lbs +
    • Adult
    • Puppy - for young dogs up to 1 year of age
    • Cat


    • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
    • Chicken is the #1 ingredient
    • Omega 3’s and 6’s added for a beautiful and shiny coat
    • No wheat or soy fillers

    Includes special formulas for dogs and cats including:

    • Pupppy and Puppy - Large Breed
      • Puppy – for dogs 1 year of age and under, and mature weights of 50 pounds or less.
        • Small easy to chew kibbles.
        • Contains DHA, which is found in mother’s milk for brain and eye development.
      • Puppy - Large Breed – for dogs 1 year of age or under, and mature weights of 50 pounds or more.
        • Includes glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health.
        • Contains DHA.
    • Chicken and Rice Adult Dog
    • Lamb and Rice Adult Dog
      • Contains NO chicken, beef, pork, wheat, soy, corn, or fillers.
    • Chicken and Rice Reduced Fat
      • Great for dogs who are less active and/or have a problem maintaining a healthy weight.
      • 100% complete and balanced, while having 25% less fat than other adult formulas.
      • Allows the dog to eat enough to feel full, without ingesting all of the calories.
    • Chicken and Rice Large Breed
      • Formulated for adult large breed dogs whose mature weight will be 50 pounds or more upon reaching adulthood.
      • Helps to keep joints healthy by promoting a healthy weight as well as including chondroitin and glucosamine.
    • Chicken and Rice – Senior
      • Nutritionally balanced with the Senior (7 years +) dog in mind.
      • Includes chondroitin and glucosamine to aid in joint health.
      • Omega 3’s and 6’s help to promote healthy skin and shiny coat.
      • Smaller easy to chew kibbles allow for easier digestion and absorption of vital nutrients.
    • Chicken and Rice Performance Adult Dog
      • Formulated for hard working dogs.
      • 30% fat and 20% protein.
      • Nutrient formulation allows for quick release energy and sustained endurance.
    • Chicken and Rice Cat Food
      • For the average active adult and growing kitten.
      • Contains DHA which aids in brain and eye development in kittens.
      • Protein rich formula for strong muscles.
      • Omega 3’s and 6’s for soft skin and healthy coat.
    • Chicken and Rice Hairball Control Light Adult Cat
      • Great for cats who have weight control issues.
      • With the special blend of Vegetable Fibers, it helps control hairballs.
      • Very palatable, but with 45% less fat than original Chicken and Rice cat food.
      • Contains Omega 3’s and 6’s for healthy coat and skin.

    Infinia (By Exclusive) 

    Grain Free holistic dog food.

    Premium adult dog food that promotes immunity, vitality, and longevity of your dog.

    All Infinia products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

    Includes products such as:

    • ZenFood Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe
    • Infinia Bison & Potato Recipe
    • Infinia Turkey & Sweet Potato Recipe
    • Infinia Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe
  • Purina Equine Nutrition

    Purina has a vast variety of feeds and supplements to meet your equestrian goals and dreams.

    Young/Growing Horses and Lactating Mares 

    • Ultium Growth
    • Omolene 300
    • Equine Junior

    Basic and Adult Horse Feeds 

    • Strategy GX
      • Great feed for all life stages
      • Economical Price
    • Strategy Healthy Edge
      • Great for Easy Keepers
      • Lower in calories than Strategy GX

    Competition Horse Feeds 

    • Ultium Competition
      • Low starch and low sugar
      • Great for the performance horse
    • Omolene 200
      • Great feed for barrel racers
      • Amplify fat supplement in the formula

    Senior Horses 

    • Equine Senior
      • Great for horses with poor dentition.
      • Pellets can be soaked in water to provide a very easy to chew feed.
      • If used as directed, this feed can meet all of your senior horses’ requirements, and would not need to be fed with hay.
    • Equine Senior Active
      • Great feed for older horses who have good dentition and are easy keepers.
      • This feed is not complete, and must be fed with hay.

    Miniature Horses and Ponies 

    • Mini Horse and Pony

    Special Needs Horses 

    Has your horse been diagnosed with a metabolic disease such as founder, laminitis, diabetes, insulin resistance, PSSM, or cushings?

    We may have a diet that is right for your horse!

    *Note: it is best to discuss these diet options with your veterinarian to discuss their benefits for your horse.

    • Wellsolve LS
      • Contains low starch and low sugar.
      • Great for horses who have metabolic issues.
      • Provides the necessary nutrients for good health, without adding extra starch and sugar.
    • Wellsolve WC
      • For Obese Horses.
      • Contains low fat, while still being balanced.
      • Allows the horse to still eat grain, without taking in all the extra calories.

    Ration Balancers 

    These products are for horses who eat a diet of mostly hay. The balancer is used to bridge the nutritional gap, due to the nature of forage having different levels of nutrients.

    • Purina Enrich Plus
      • Great for horses who are easy keepers; young horses and stallions may also benefit from this diet.
      • Gets your horse the essential vitamins and minerals, without the unnecessary calories.

    Fat Supplements 

    • Amplify
      • Very palatable, and extruded pelleted so that horses cannot easily sort this out of their food.
      • Great for all types of show horses where shine and bloom are desired.
      • Aids in adding weight to hard keepers without adding extra carbohydrates.
      • Great for increasing body condition score (BCS) in breeding mares, stallions, and foals.

    Amino Acid Supplement 

    • SuperSport
      • Helps hard working horses have faster muscle damage recovery.
      • Increases the stamina and fitness of the horse.
      • While on trial, horses on this supplement had more lean muscle and less fat than horses who were given the placebo. This gives them a very athletic body style.
      • Horses on this supplement maintained their overall top speed through a period of 56 days.
      • Has a unique amino acid (the building blocks of protein) profile to support muscle function, development, protection and repair.

    Vitamins and Minerals 

    • Free Balance 12:12
      • Comes in a weather resistant 40# block or a bagged supplement (25#).
      • Helps maintain healthy hooves, coat, and ensures that the horse’s diet is not deficient in vital vitamins and minerals.

    Hydration Way 

    • A quality source of forage (grass hay and alfalfa mix)
      • Dehydrated, and about 2 lbs each. Great to take along on camping trips or to shows. Not messy!
    • When ready to use, drop block into a pail of water and allow to hydrate for 5 minutes, then feed.
    • Delivers good quality, and palatable hay for your horse.
    • Ensures that hydration occurs (Horses store water in hay within their hind gut).


    • Show some TLC to your horse or reward good behavior with our tasty horse treats.
    • Dobbins Apple and Oat Treat (available in our 20# or 3.5#).
  • Wildlife Products

    Attention: Laws and regulations regarding baiting of wildlife vary. Always check federal and local regulations before using.

    Purina Antler Max 

    Purina Antler Max Technology provides nutrition for body condition of deer so they can reach their genetic potential for antler growth. It has high fat content, it is highly digestible, and it has optimum levels of vitamin D and minerals.

    AntlerMax Extreme Energy

    Feed Purina AntlerMax Extreme Energy as a supplement if abundant natural forage or hay is provided or as a top dress to current feed. This unique combination of AntlerMax Extreme Energy Technology, Mineral Technology, and Nutritional Enhancements culminates in a premium supplement designed specifically for deer.

    AntlerMax Deer 20

    AntlerMax Deer 20 Feed is a researched 20% protein ration. Specifically formulated for what free range deer require to support overall health, reproductive performance, and antler growth. Helps develop deer with exceptional body size. High-quality protein helps maintain muscle to support body growth. Enhanced with flavoring to attract deer to the feed so they receive the benefit of a balanced diet.

    AntlerMax Deer Breeder Textured 17-6

    AntlerMax Deer Breeder Textured 17-6 Feed is a highly fortified textured ration for confined deer designed to meet the extra nutritional demands of high scoring bucks during antler development. This diet is also uniquely designed to supply extra nutrition to deer during their life stages when nutritional requirements are accelerated. It is also an excellent creep and weaning ration for fawns.


    Introducing a new line of products from Quality Liquid Feeds, Ignite Deer Products. WFS and QLF are focused on making sure that not only your production animals have the proper nutrition they need, but also the deer in your area as well.

    Monster Nut

    Deer love white acorns, now they can have one in your backyard. The Monster nut, weighing 5 pounds, is a unique product that is designed in the shape of an acorn. The Monster Nut is a long lasting cooked attractant filled with white acorn extracts. It comes with a rope cooked into the product for easy hanging.

    Monster Nut – #820120


    Deer have been known to love gnawing on stumps, Lick-N-Log is just the product they need! This 9.75lb product is shaped like a tree stump and is cooked and designed to draw deer back to your hunt area. Comes in an attractant or a nutritional supplement.

    Lick-N-Log Nutritional Supplement - #820110 Lick-N-Log Attractant - #820115

    Hardwood Habit

    A tree stump that can be totally consumed! Hardwood Habit is a unique product shaped like an old tree stump. Approximately 18lb stump designed to capture the deer’s natural instinct to gnaw on stumps.

    Hardwood Habit - # 820130

    Sweet Potato Slam

    Sweet Potato Slam is a long lasting, cooked attractant, filled with real sweet potatoes. The 3.75lb bucket designed to capture the deer’s senses. Powerful smell, sweet taste, chalked full of sweet potatoes. Comes with rope attached to easily hang from a tree branch.

    Sweet Potato Slam - #820105

    Acorn Inferno

    Light up the hunt with Ignite’s Acorn Inferno! Acorn Inferno is a long lasting, cooked attractant filled with whole white acorns. The 3.75 lb bucket has a powerful smell, sweet taste, and full of white acorns. Acorn Inferno comes with a rope attached for easy hanging.

    Acorn Inferno - #820100

    Trophy Rak 18

    Ignite Trophy Rak 18 is a powerful mix of ingredients for year round feeding to attract as well as enhance antler growth, bone development, and overall herd health. Trophy Rak 18 includes molasses, sugar, 18% protein, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, salt, vitamins, minerals, and much more! Trophy Rak 18 can be poured on the ground, over a stump, or on grain piles.

    Trophy Rak 18 - #820125

  • Poultry

    People come from miles around to purchase our poultry feeds. Why? Because our feeds provide good, solid nutrition at an affordable price. We manufacture them ourselves, so we cut out the middleman, the freight, and the cost. We’re also well respected in the show bird circuit, because birds on our feed tend to steal the show.

    We offer both CFS and Purina Branded products.

    CFS Product  

    Chick Starter/Grower Program 

    A 2-stage feeding program designed to produce healthy, fast growing birds.

    Egg Production Program 

    A program designed specifically to meet the needs of laying hens.

    Duck and Goose Program 

    A complete 2-stage program for all waterfowl – domestic and wild.

    Game Bird Feed 

    A game bird feeding program for quail, chukar, and pheasant.

    Specialty Products 

    CFS offers two specialized feeds designed for the smaller flock and for exhibition poultry of all ages.

      • Stage 1: Fancy Feathers Chick Starter AMP/BMD
        • Complete Starter feed for chicks.
        • 24% Crude Protein.
        • Medicated and has high levels of vitamins and minerals for a healthy immune system.
      • Stage 2: Fancy Feathers Chick Developer AMP/BMD
        • Complete Grower feed for developing chicks.
        • 20% Crude Protein.
        • Medicated with Amprolium for Coccidiosis and Bacitracin Methylene Disalicylate for growth and feed efficiency.
      • Fancy Feathers Egg Booster 18
        • A complete feed to provide everything a laying hen needs.
        • 18% Crude Protein.
        • 3.4% Calcium – needs no added Calcium for strong egg shells.
      • Stage 1: Fancy Feathers Duck and Goose Starter
        • A complete Starter feed for baby ducks and geese.
        • 20% Crude Protein.
        • Crumbilized for palatability
      • Stage 2: Fancy Feathers Duck and Goose Grower/Developer
        • A complete growing and developing ration.
        • 18% Crude Protein.
        • Pelleted for higher palatability.
      • Fancy Feathers Wild Feathers 28
        • A Supplement for mixing with grain for all classes of game birds.
        • 28% Crude Protein.
        • Crumbilized for palatability.
        • Feed as the sole ration for a starter ration.
      • Fancy Feathers Conditioner/Breeder
        • Can be used for all classes of poultry over 6-weeks of age.
        • 16% Crude Protein.
        • Fortified with added vitamins and minerals.
        • Complete feed to be used as a grower or breeder ration as well as a layer ration. Provide oyster shells if using as a layer ration.
      • Fancy Feathers Show Bird 20
        • Complete feed specifically formulated to meet the needs of exhibition poultry during times of high stress.
        • 20% Crude Protein.

    Purina Products 

    Chick Starters/Growers/Finishers 

    Egg Production 

    Game Birds 

    Specialty Products 

      • Home Grown Starter/Grower 20%
        • Versatile complete feed suitable for growing chickens, ducks, and geese.
        • Ideal for growing meat type chickens and turkeys beyond 8 weeks of age.
      • Home Grown Starter/Grower 23%
        • Ideal ration for broiler (meat type) chickens. May be fed from day one to market.
      • Home Grown Grower 16%
        • Ideal ration for growing layer (egg production types) chicks from 6 weeks to 18-20 weeks.
      • Home Grown Finisher 20%
        • Ideal growing/finishing ration for broilers (meat-type chickens). Start feeding at 3 weeks of age.
      • Home Grown Layer 18%
        • Specifically formulated for laying chickens.
        • Promotes lots of eggs ad strong shells.
      • Purina Layena Plus Omega-3 


        • Formulated to produce 200mg Omega-3 per large egg.
      • Home Grown Game Bird Starter/Breeder 28%
        • Highly fortified with vitamins and trace minerals appropriate for all classes of poultry.
        • Nutritionally adequate starting feed for all classes of poultry, especially pheasant, quail, and chukar.
      • Home Grown Game Bird Flight Developer
        • Highly fortified 22% protein ration.
        • Promotes development and maintenance of long, bright, attractive feathering.
        • Keeps pheasants and chukars in perfect condition for release.
      • Purina Flock Block
        • Whole grain enrichment supplement.
        • For free ranging poultry and game birds, encourages natural pecking instincts to help reduce cannibalism.
        • 25 lb. block contains oyster shell and grit.
      • Home Grown Scratch Grains
        • Ideal blend of cleaned grains for poultry.
        • Convenient to use, promotes activity and pecking instincts.
  • Exotic Products

    So, you have animals that are not so ordinary? We can feed those too!

    We can feed a variety of exotics including guinea pig, chinchilla, ferret, mini pig (we have active adult, youth, and elder), Emu, Llama, Game Fish, Koi, Earthworm, and Lab Rodent. Don’t see your exotic animal listed? Contact us, we can help.

    • Mazuri - The Exotic Animal Feeding Resource

Below is a list of our lifestyle product options. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact a member of our feed sales staff.