The safety and security of your livestock and livestock facilities is our top priority. That’s why all CFS employees follow these rules:

  • Do not enter any livestock buildings or offices for any reason (to leave tickets, ask questions, etc.).
  • Wear clean clothes everyday.
  • Wear disposable boots when outside truck when feasible, otherwise clean shoes/boots and spray them with disinfectant when leaving and when entering your truck. Leave disposable boots at the farm (if it is ok with the customer) or take off before you enter the truck and put in a plastic container, tote, pail with lid, or garbage bag and dispose at designated area at the end of the day.
  • Do not allow customers or their employees to enter our trucks.
  • Try not to drive through manure, manure spills, or other sources of contamination.
  • Stay as far away from dead animals, compost piles, exhaust fans, and other sources of contamination as possible.
  • Carry a box or packet of disinfectant hand wipes to clean hands, steering wheel, etc.

Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus (PED)
PED is a viral disease that is clinically similar to TGE. The introduction of PED virus into a na├»ve herd results in acute outbreaks of severe diarrhea, vomiting, high morbidity (often 100%), and variable mortality (up to 100% in baby pigs over a 3-5 week period). The incubation period is short (2-4 days) and natural immunity develops over 2-3 weeks. 

PED is primarily spread in the feces; however, airborne spread has also been reported. It is said that a thimble–full of feces could contain enough virus to infect all of the pigs in the U.S. The virus survives in manure for extended periods of time. Cold weather will enhance the survivability and transmission. Bleach, Lysol®, Synergize™, Virkon®, Virocid®, and DC&R® are some disinfectants that will kill the virus in the absence of fecal matter.

Unfortunately, the PED virus has reached our trade territory. The CFS Leadership Team has met with our feed and LP truck drivers, as well as our sales staff concerning the need to take every precaution so we do not bring the disease on to any swine farm. Below are the disinfectants that CFS is using to ensure we are killing the virus so that we do not infect any of our customers' pigs.