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Quality feed at competitive prices—with the experience and product knowledge to back up the sale. That’s what you want in a feed supplier, and that’s what we offer at CFS. Whether you’re feeding livestock, poultry, horses, exotic animals, or pets, we have the feed you need.



Quality at a competitive price is the reason more and more producers use CFS feed in their operation. We understand bio security, and go the extra mile to protect our customers’ facilities and livestock. Excellent technical support is always available. And, if you’re looking for facility space, we can help you find it through our network of customers and growers.



We are committed to our people, producers, and the cattle industry. Our core values are quality, service, and performance. We have great beef feeds, and another CFS advantage is our people. We have specialists, not generalists, who focus on all aspects of beef production, from nutrition through management to marketing. If you’re ready to take the next step to move your production program ahead, you need to consider CFS.

Getting calves started off right, and keeping them growing, is our goal. We’ve got the products, services, and staff to help you do just that.




CFS is offering an opportunity for cattle producers to use liquid feed supplements without a capital investment to make sure it is right for you. We have designed trial units to be hauled to your feedlot or farm to be filled with a liquid supplement. These trial units can be used for starting cattle or finishing cattle. These units are set up very simply with a tank, an extension swing arm to get the liquid into your feed wagon, and an electric pump which has 110 Volt electricity system.  These trial units will be used on a customer's farm for no longer than 30 days. After that we are certain the customer will know that the liquid feed system is the way to go.   Liquid supplements research has shown a wide range of benefits over dry feed as in, ration conditioning, improving palatability, enhancing nutrition, reducing fines and sorting, and let's not forget the convenience.Liquid supplements are also an economic advantage or cost savings, which adds to your bottom-line profitability.

One of the big things in starting cattle to get them to eat! The receiving period is the most crucial time in a feedlot. Incoming cattle experience the greatest amount of stress and disease challenges during this period when intakes are depressed. Therefore, liquid supplement is a huge advantage on starting cattle.

When finishing fed cattle, these liquid feeds will deliver a consistent supply of nutrients and additives to the cattle on feed. Therefore, improved ration consistency promotes more efficient gains at an economical value.   So, if you would like to know more about our trial units please contact Tim Ollerich, Nicole Knips or our CFS Feed Team. 

Lifestyle Animals

Don’t the animals in your life deserve a quality feed? Our lifestyle feeds are a cut above the ordinary. With CFS feeds, you get great nutrition at a price that won’t break the bank.

CFS Offers many different type of lifestyle products. From Equine, to poultry, to wildlife, and everything in between, CFS has what you need. Make sure to check out all of our lifestyle options!



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The safety and security of your livestock and livestock facilities is our top priority. That’s why all CFS employees follow these rules.

Pig Sources and Facilities

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Livestock Price Protection Service

LPPS is an innovative marketing and risk management service that provides a support system of education, communication, and structured programs.

Safety Data Sheet for Feed

A copy of CFS's Safety Data Sheet for Feed can be obtained here.


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