April 2022
Dear Central Farm Service Customer:
Thank you for choosing us as your heating fuel supplier this past heating season.
Please take the time to look over the information to help you make an informed decision for your home heating needs. Once you have looked over all of this information, please give us a call at the telephone number listed on the contract to discuss pricing and contracting options.  
Below are some key items I wanted to highlight about contracts:
  • Home heat prepaid contracts will start June 1st, 2022, or the start date noted on the contract.
  • Home heat prepaid contracts will have an expiration date of April 15th, 2023.
  • Budget contracts have a start date of June 1st and an expiration of April 15th.  All budget contracts will be paid by ACH.
  • When a customer has multiple home heat contracts, the oldest contract must be delivered first.
  • We are requiring the use of monitors for all COD customers. If you are a COD customer CFS will be reaching out to you about the install of the monitor.  Please see the enclosed policy for details.
  • Customer must maintain a clear path to the propane tank especially in the winter with snow removal.
  • Please not on the contact if you would like to apply your account credit balance towards payment of your contract.  
Budget contracts must be setup before the end of May.
Prepay contracts can be setup year-round.
Customers are not required to contract; they can pay for fuel as it is delivered per our normal credit terms.
Please contact us if you have made any changes that would affect your heating gallons used next year so it can be factored into our scheduled delivery calculation and the current percentage of propane in the tank.
Credit card payments on any of these programs will be subject to a 3% processing fee. All contracts are subject to Central Farm Service credit terms and policies.
Again, Thanks from all of us in the Energy Division.
Fred Urch, VP Energy
Central Farm Service
Please see our enclosed delivery and payment policies

Home Heat Contract

A home heat contract has many benefits for you as a homeowner.  Contracting propane gives you piece of mind that your home heating needs are secured through the cold Midwest winters. We offer two contracting options for you to choose from.

Option #1: Prepay
Prepay gallons are paid for in full to guarantee the prepay propane contract. These prepaid gallons will be delivered through April 15th, 2023. If I exceed these prepay gallons before April 15th I will pay the current market price at the time of each delivery. Prepay contracts are available year-round.

Option #2: Budget
The first payment is due in June, and any remaining charge/credit balance due in May of the following year. Budget payments are required to be directly withdrawn from a checking/savings account with electronic funds transfer (ACH).

In order to contract your account must be in good credit standing. Our normal credit terms apply. All fixed price budget and prepay contracts will be summer filled at your contract price. All budget customers that choose the price at time of delivery option will be summer filled when we are in the area. 

Click on the below to fill out the contract and policies, print, and mail back all information. 

Please return the contract and the policies  to:
Central Farm Service
712 N Cedar Ave
Owatonna, MN 55060
phone: 507-451-1230

Minnesota Valley Action Council

If you live in South Central Minnesota, apply at Minnesota Valley Action Council (MVAC). Call 507-345-6822 or download an application

To Apply

Propane Safety Information

As your propane gas supplier, Central Farm Service (CFS) is very committed to your safety.  When handled wisely and with respect, propane gas is a safe, efficient, and clean fuel. 

It is very important to know that only trained and qualified personnel are to work on gas systems.  Do not attempt to repair, add, or remove any appliance or component of your gas system.  Only use a qualified person to service your gas system or appliance to keep your family and property safe and to avoid a dangerous situation. If there is any interruption of gas service, repairs or leaks, call CFS for a leak test.  This also includes absentee gas customers or anyone else who shuts off their gas supply.  A leak test must be performed prior to starting the system again.
Customers that have rental properties please notify CFS when there is a change in tenants so that the required system inspection and retest can be performed.
CFS encourages the use of in-home gas detectors.  These devices are highly beneficial in protecting you and your family from possible gas leaks.