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We’ve worked hard to build a reputation for responsive energy service. Whatever your energy need, we can meet it.

We offer fuels and lubricants from Cenex®, North America’s largest cooperative refiner. With eight decades in the refined petroleum business and three decades in renewable fuels, they’ve earned their reputation as a safe, dependable supplier of high-quality energy products.


Clean, safe, and delivered right to your door, propane is the perfect energy source for your home, farm, and business. We’ve invested in storage capacity, so you can count on CFS to keep you supplied year round—even when others can’t. And all of our propane products and programs come with our legendary commitment to customer service.

  • LP for homes, grain dryers, and livestock facilities.
  • Bulk propane contracting programs.
  • Budget Pay program for home heating, which enables you to divide your annual bill into equal monthly payments.
  • Automatic withdrawals from your checking account to save checks.
  • Winter Prepay program for home heating.
  • LP tank leasing.
  • Summer-fill program.
  • LP system safety checks.
  • Propane Tank Monitors and App options 

Minnesota Valley Action Council

If you live in South Central Minnesota, apply at Minnesota Valley Action Council (MVAC). Call 507-345-6822 or download an application

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Refined Fuels - Gas and Diesel

We keep you in the field and on the road with top-quality Cenex® fuels. Don’t compromise when it comes to performance.

For your convenience, we have 24-hour pay at the pump stations in Blooming Prairie, Blue Earth, Kenyon, Lewisville, Mapleton, New Richland, Northfield, Owatonna, Truman, and Wells.

We also offer the Automated Fuel Delivery system (AFD). With AFD, fuel is delivered by Cenex directly from the terminal to your tank. We monitor your tank so fuel will be automatically delivered when fuel levels reach a predetermined level. It takes worry out of the equation for our AFD customers. Read more about the AFD system here.

  • Ruby FieldMaster® premium ag diesel fuel.
  • CleanGard® gasolines.
  • RoadMaster XL™ premium highway diesel fuel.
  • On-farm bulk fuel delivery.
  • Residential and commercial fuel delivery.
  • Diesel fuel and gasoline contracting.
  • Transport load delivery service.
  • Budget Pay program for fuel oil accounts, which enables you to divide your annual bill into equal monthly payments.
  • Winter Prepay program for fuel oil accounts.
  • Fuel tank purchase programs.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

CFS supplies Diesel Exhaust Fluid (D.E.F.) in containers and has bulk delivery available. 

Order D.E.F.

Lubricants - Grease and Oil

Quality Cenex & Mobil lubricants at a competitive price—that’s what you can expect from CFS. For those who love convenience, we have bulk oil systems and bulk delivery. We also have 55-gallon drums and package products as well.

  • A full line of Cenex & Mobil lubricants in bulk, barrel, or package.
  • Bulk oil delivery.
  • Stackable 80- and 120-gallon bulk tanks and stands, as well as 65-gallon round poly tanks.
  • Pump packages for oil dispensing.
  • The best warranty in the business.
Learn About the Cenex Warranty Program >

Energy Sales Team

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Propane Safety Information

As your propane gas supplier, Central Farm Service (CFS) is very committed to your safety.  When handled wisely and with respect, propane gas is a safe, efficient, and clean fuel. 

It is very important to know that only trained and qualified personnel are to work on gas systems.  Do not attempt to repair, add, or remove any appliance or component of your gas system.  Only use a qualified person to service your gas system or appliance to keep your family and property safe and to avoid a dangerous situation. If there is any interruption of gas service, repairs or leaks, call CFS for a leak test.  This also includes absentee gas customers or anyone else who shuts off their gas supply.  A leak test must be performed prior to starting the system again.
Customers that have rental properties please notify CFS when there is a change in tenants so that the required system inspection and retest can be performed.
CFS encourages the use of in-home gas detectors.  These devices are highly beneficial in protecting you and your family from possible gas leaks.