NitrateNow provides fast, accurate, in-season, geo-referenced measurements of soil nitrate. This system delivers laboratory-quality immediate feedback on available nitrogen levels. You can get the results quickly, not weeks later. That means you can make management decisions and act on the information in a timely manner and start developing a more effective and efficient nitrogen program. 

The program focuses on in-season nitrate grid sampling and the utilization of Management Zones. Management Zones address yield potential variability throughout a field and are based on soil characteristics and previous yield data. Based on the data collected through the grid soil sampling, the NitrateNow program will created customized variable rate recommendations and apply them to your Management Zones. Nitrogen application recommendations are based on nitrate ppm results and yield goals for each Zone. These recommendations can be adjusted as necessary and tailored for various nitrogen sources. 

We are continually testing and improving nitrogen recommendations. The NitrateNow program includes an innovative approach to gain even more information about N application and yield performance. Learning Blocks are designated within management zones. These sections are typically at least an acre in size and act as check areas. Application prescriptions can be set to apply a higher or lower rate within these areas to see the yield response.