Central Advantage GS is the leading precision ag platform in Southern MN.

We focus our time on bringing our growers trusted agronomic information that is created from their local growing environments. We have a comprehensive team of Data Specialists that create value by utilizing this local knowledge to create recommendations and prescriptions that are specific to each of our member’s operations. Our main focus is to help our members succeed in an efficient and sustainable way.
Central Advantage GS launched in 2003 with a huge vision of creating knowledge from a local data set. What started as a small precision ag platform has grown to over a quarter of a million acres enrolled. We now lead Southern MN in the precision ag space. CAGS spearheaded many of the practices that are offered in several of today’s generic precision ag offerings. What sets us apart is our well-trained precision ag staff and the knowledge and experience they have collected over the years. Whether you are just starting in the precision ag space or have a comprehensive precision data strategy for your farm, our staff is here to take you to the next level.

Precision Information for Maximum Returns

The role of precision agriculture has become invaluable. A well structured precision agriculture program can be utilized to monitor and manage every aspect of farming. Improvements in technology have increased accuracy of data collection from a few feet to within a couple of inches. Variable rate technology can now be used when planting seed and applying lime and many other nutrients.

Central Advantage GS has been the Precision Ag leader in southern Minnesota since 2003. The program started with 10,000 acres and consisted of basic data analysis and variety selection. Since its introduction, Central Advantage has grown to over 250,000 acres, which represent 150 different farming operations.

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3 Ways to Start Utilizing Your Data
September 23, 2021

Technology is great… when it works like it’s supposed to. Whether it’s your cell phone, computer or agriculture equipment, we’ve all had our fair share of battles with technology. Like it or not, technology isn’t going away. In fact, it’s going to continue to grow and become even more prevalent in our lives, even in agriculture. We see this every year in agriculture as we continue to add technology to our planters and combines. Monitors continue to become more complex, and tractors are driving themselves. So, where do we go from here? 

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Farm Analytics Show Valuable Insights
September 16, 2021

I was meeting with a grower who asked the question, ‘Is the direction of Premier Crop going from a prescription company to an analytics company?’ My answer was: ‘Premier Crop has always been about analytics. We are not only a company known for analytics, but what to do with the information that is received within the data, in those analytics.

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Variable Rate Seeding Pays: Stretch More Bushels out of Every Acre
September 2, 2021

Variable rate seed prescriptions have been a topic of conversation since planter capabilities have increased and seed companies look to increase the value of their recommendations. Yet the farmgate, conversations have had a range of reactions to its success. 

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Proper management of soil nitrogen is critical in controlling input costs and achieving maximum yield.  When managed correctly, Nitrogen can account for over half of a crop’s yield potential.  Take the guess of out of Nitrogen management with NitrateNow—this program provides fast, accurate, in-season, site-specific measurements of nitrates in your soil. 

Based on the data collected through pre-side dress sampling, the NitrateNow program will create customized variable rate recommendations to reach critical nutrient levels or apply them to your Management Zones. Nitrogen application recommendations are based on nitrate ppm results and yield goals. These recommendations can be adjusted and tailored for various nitrogen sources. 

We are continually testing and improving the recommendations. NitrateNow includes an innovative approach to gain even more information about N applications and yield performance through Enhanced Learning Blocks or standard Learning Blocks. Through the ELBs or LBs we can check the recommendation and gain insight in creating more specific equations for soil types, soil test levels and hybrids.

Climate PRO

CFS is a registered dealer for the Climate Corporation, offering the Climate FieldView Pro™, Climate FieldView Plus™, and Climate FieldView Prime™ decision support tools. 


R7 Tool

The R7® Tool by WinField is a precision farming tool that provides unbiased product performance information and critical field information to help develop and evaluate variable-rate prescriptions.

Compatible with other precision ag products, the proprietary R7® Tool by WinField features satellite imagery that allows farmers to view field maps with historical data, soil variability and other vital information. Incorporating precise, local Answer Plot® data into each zone of the field lets farmers, along with their WinField representatives, develop customized prescriptions for their operations. WinField continues to enhance the functionality of the R7® Tool to help farmers determine return on investment (ROI) and product performance.


Central Advantage continues to look for ways to  increase our producers return on their investments. The AgriEdge program brings NEW value to your operation by providing financial analysis for every acre.  

See Your Farms Differently

  • Manage Field Plans, Inventory, Price & Invoices  
  • Optimize efficiency in use of resources and inputs. 
  • Measures and validates ROI on all events and activities taking place at a field level 
  • Aids in decision making and improving work efficiency

Central Advantage Team

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