From a CEO's Perspective

Currently, the most widely talked about topic in Ag at least in this neck of the woods is spring and whether or not it is even going to get here.  It certainly seems from the current forecast of 8-10 inches of snow again will further delay spring.  The 1st barge made it through Lake Pepin Tuesday evening giving proof that spring is on its way. What does this mean for producers in our trade area?  We still have time although it is getting late, in Minnesota weather can change on a dime. We could skip right from spring to summer and end up with a semi-normal planting season.  So what happens if we don't? At some point, producers will discuss switching seed. Perhaps,  if it gets late enough, there will be more beans. Although, we are a long ways from that. From the cooperative side, we know there is a decent chance of the planting season becoming compressed which will lead to everyone wanting to start on the same day and have 80% of the crop planted within 7-10 days. Are CFS and the rest of the industry ready for that? I would say yes! It is not the first time the industry has been through this.  At CFS we are fortunate, through experience, planning, and capital expenditures we have three large plants that are capable of meeting our spring needs.  CFS has the product in place, the necessary equipment, and the manpower to serve our patrons in a timely manner.  Talking about timely manner no one in the industry has the capability of servicing every customer on the first day they want to start.  It is doubtful the industry will ever get to that point.  However, the cooperative system has invested in assets and is positioned to help its producers plant in a time-frame that allows them to maximize yield potential.  If it weren't for the cooperative system, I doubt we would have the number of assets that are available to help our producers plant in a potentially compacted season.