• Infected plants may become discolored (chlorotic) or stunted.
  • Tiny white to yellow lemon-shaped cyst may be seen on roots starting the end of June and then throughout the rest of the season.
  • Moisture and fertility stress can enhance the disease. High soil pH can favor SCN. Planting continuous susceptible soybeans favors SCN.

Sudden Death Syndrome

  • Diseased plants may have rotted root systems.
  • Yellow and/or brown streaks develop between the leaf veins.
  • Infection favored by high soil moisture during the vegetative stage and unseasonable cool temperatures.

White Mold

  • Fluffy white growth on the outside of infected soybean stems.
  • Found during high humidity.
  • Rain, cool temperatures, and moist soils during flowering and early pod set, favor the growth of the fungus.