Growers who work with CFS in the SUSTAIN program demonstrate to their peers, their communities, and major food companies that environmental sustainability is a critical component and measure of their agronomic success. The SUSTAIN Nutrient and Soil Management Strategy enables growers to optimize their use of crop nutrients and soil health now and help you make critical investments in the long-term productivity of their land and their future. As consumer demand and government regulations begin to require all members of the food supply chain to make commitments and demonstrate their performance on agricultural sustainability, SUSTAIN growers will be recognized as adding value to the industry.

  • Improved farm management. SUSTAIN growers’ benefit from practices and technologies that improve efficiency, protect soil health, save money, and maintain high yields.
  • Reduced risks. SUSTAIN will help growers manage production risks in the face of unpredictable weather and price fluctuations.
  • Increased confidence. SUSTAIN will provide growers with more detailed management information, enabling them to know more about what is happening in their fields, and thus have more confidence in ways to optimize while minimizing the risks of change.
  • Increased market appeal for their farms. SUSTAIN will position growers at the forefront of marketplace momentum on sustainability. An increasing number of companies like General Mills, Campbell Soup, and Smithfield are developing and implementing sustainability programs aimed at improving the environmental footprint of commodity grain crops.
  • Improved reputation. SUSTAIN offers farmers and their retailers a way to document and communicate their effective and responsible management of the land. The program will enable farmers to show their neighbors and the public at large the value their lands bring to water quality, climate stability, soil conservation, and food security.

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