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NK 9930 Seed Hybrid Highlights
NK 9930 Seed Hybrid Highlights

11/10/2020 5:45:09 PM

Andrew Thilges, CFS Sales Agronomist discusses the features and benefits of this NK Hybrid...

2020 11 05 Agronomy Update

11/5/2020 8:39:57 PM

Utilizing stabilizers with side dressing - sulfur is yielding results....

2020 CFS Agvend App - Launching Nov. 2nd

10/27/2020 1:38:33 PM

Take a sneak peek at the New CFS Grower Portal that will be launched on November 2nd....

Croplan 4188 VT2P Hybrid Highlights

10/26/2020 8:03:59 PM

Drew Streightiff, CFS Regional Sales Agronomist discusses the features and benefits of this hybrid....

Your Agronomy Partner

Today’s agriculture is equal parts experience, equipment, technology, and insight. The CFS agronomy department has all four covered. With a wealth of technical expertise, a willingness to invest in the equipment and training needed to do the job right the first time, the ability to put your data to work for you, and service that’s second to none, we’re your best source for agronomy products, services, and knowledge. 


Growing Sustainably - Central Advantage GS

Central Advantage GS puts your information to work for you. Today’s farming operations are heavily influenced by technology and data. By using Central Advantage GS data analysis tools we are able put the information together in one source to help you utilize your data efficiently to help you achieve maximum return.


SUSTAIN® combines leading, highly effective and field tested tools, technologies, and practices that are proven to help farmers improve nutrient use efficiency, soil health, and productivity. Farmers participating in SUSTAIN will work with CFS’ highly-trained Regional Sales Agronomists to bring the latest knowledge and science to the field in ways that are practical, usable, and effective in improving crop management for economic benefit and reduced risk.



At CFS, we have aligned ourselves with the leading seed companies in the industry - CROPLAN®, NK®, DEKALB®/ASGROW®, BREVANT™, and CREDENZ®.

We work hard to educate ourselves, and our customers, on the latest developments in seed technology. Our CROPLAN Answer Plot™, the longest ongoing site in the nation, is a tremendous source of data generated under our growing conditions.

  • Tru Bulk seed — available at Blooming Prairie, Clarks Grove, Kenyon, and Lewisville.
  • Seed treatment — we utilize KSI on-demand treatment equipment for optimum coverage on each seed. Treatment options include Warden® CX, Clariva®, Optimize®, Poncho®/VOTiVO®, Saltro™, and Acceleron. Seed treatment services are available at Blooming Prairie, Clarks Grove, Lewisville, Kenyon, and Owatonna.


  • Variable Rate Application of anhydrous ammonia, dry fertilizer, and liquid fertilizer.

  • Anhydrous application with chisel plow or tool bar.

  • Aerial application of chemical, fertilizer, and seed.

  • Farm delivery of semi load quantity.

  • Farm delivery of seed and chemical.

  • Application of dry and liquid fertilizer.

  • Post applied chemical with self-propelled row crop sprayers.

  • Deep banding dry fertilizer.

  • Sidedress application with dry fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, and anhydrous ammonia.


Financing programs and crop insurance are essential to your farming operation. Thanks to our relationship with AgQuest, we can provide the products and services you need to finance—and protect—your crops and livestock.


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