Central Farm Service Board of Director Application

Deadline to submit applications October 30, 2020
CFS Director Policies state that no person who will be 70 years or older at the time of the election will be eligible to be nominated as a director.


The CFS Board of Directors, recognizing the responsibility of leadership, has adopted the following policy as a guideline for directors: 

The following characteristics should be considered:
  • Personal characteristics of honesty, loyalty, and stability
  • Knowledge of cooperative principles and practices
  • Ability to analyze, organize, and arrive at a decision
  • Exhibit sound business management through successful management of personal business
  • Courage to support the policies of the board
  • Supportive of the cooperative, both in voice and in patronage
  • Strong desire to serve on the board
  • Willingness to attend local, regional, and state meetings, seminars, and training institutes
  • Courage to resist pressures of special interest groups
Most importantly, a CFS Board Director must be an “actively engaged” producer of agricultural products, who does at least $3,000 in business with the co-op each fiscal year. “Actively engaged” in reference to the sale of grain and/or livestock is when said producer derives a minimum of $5,000 from the sale of grain and/or livestock as stated on Schedule F of the patron’s IRS tax return. 


I acknowledge the following:
  • I understand the guidelines set above and wish to apply as a candidate for the CFS Board of Directors.
  • I have no loyalties or affiliations that would interfere with being a member of the CFS Board of Directors.
  • I am not an officer, director, or employee of any organization that competes with CFS in any manner.
  • I understand that the above information may be used in a future CFS publication.