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Customer Experience with Fungicides

At CFS we believe that a fungicide application has a positive impact on plant health and ROI. Dan Larson, one of our CFS Sales Agronomists, had good results with a grower in 2017.  Below is Dan’s experience.

I had a grower last year who was debating using fungicide on his soybeans. After explaining the plant health benefits and breaking it down into a cost per acre, per day scenario for a long-lasting residual product, like Trivapro, we ended up spraying all his soybean acres and splitting one field to do a comparison trial. I checked back in on this split field with the grower 2 weeks after application, and I would believe the picture below speaks for itself. Taking that field to harvest we saw a little over 8 bushels per acre advantage for the treated acres vs. untreated field.

Dan Larson, CCA

Regional Sales Agronomist

CFS - Owatonna

Contact your local CFS Sales Agronomist to learn more about the benefits of applying fungicide.