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CFS Announces New Board Member

Jan 15, 2020

January 7, 2020, I am pleased to announce that Kevin Poppel has been elected to the CFS Board of Directors.  Kevin has served on the St. Theodore's School Board, Board Chair for Advanced Family Dentistry, and Poppel Holdings, LLC.  He grew up with a love of agriculture passed on through generations of farmers in the family. Out of college, he worked in retail agronomy as an agronomist and later in management for the same company. As his career progressed, Poppel moved into a regional manager position within a worldwide fertilizer company and later was promoted to senior manager of Western Canada and the Northern Plains states. After starting his family, his career brought him to technology/business development with a local John Deere dealer. Currently, he is the acting GM and CFO of Advanced Family Dental, the acting President of his farming operation and President of Poppel Holdings, LLC. Poppel farms 1,300 acres of owned and rented land,  operates a custom application business including complete custom farming and consulting, custom spraying, custom seeding (canning/cover crops), and custom strip-till.  Welcome Kevin!

Congratulations to our returning board members: Trent Frederickson, John Peach, and Marvin Spindler. 

On behalf of the members, employees, and board of directors of the Central Farm Service, I would like to thank Jason Smith for his nine years as a CFS Board member. His contributions have been significant, and the achievements are due to his hard work and commitment to our cooperative. Once again, thank you for a job well done!


Merlyn Kruger, CEO

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