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Data collected from farm fields is becoming more and more valuable. Whether it is used for determining value of land or basing decisions in season the data has increasingly become more important. From remote sensing, weather stations, soil moisture/temperature probes, imagery from planes, drones, or satellites, to as-applied planting/spray/harvest data the number of layers of information from your fields is mind-boggling.

The Equity’s GOSmart team can help navigate the complex layers to try and provide clarity from the noise. We utilize new tools, crop nutrient modeling, satellite imagery, and weather information, with the old(er) tools like GIS platforms to compile and analyze data to help you maximize return on investment and increase yield. This is done through variable rate planting prescriptions, nitrogen management through modeling, crop performance through imagery, and weather impacts with weather/nutrient models. 

We know it’s a complex world of data and will get more complex in the future. We test the tools, constantly investigate new opportunities, and work to slow the pace of advancement with understanding on our part to communicate the benefits in the field to you.

The GOSmart team is ready to help now and prepared for the future.


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GoFlex Financing is an option for growers who are looking to capitalize on interest-free programs or to defer expenses until after crops are harvested.  A  short, one-page application is all it takes to establish an operating line of credit that can be used for any product you purchase from The Equity.  GoFlex allows a grower to focus on their operation during the busy spring and summer season and not have to worry about accruing late charges on their open trade account. 

How does it work?

  • Prepay –  Booking and prepaying products prior to the growing season allows the grower to capitalize on discounted prices.  Growers can choose to use their GoFlex funds to pay for products prior to delivery, often utilizing interest free programs, to help cut costs.
  • Monthly Balance – If a grower’s account balance is unpaid as of the date it is due,  your GoFlex line credit can be used to keep your account current and avoid costly late charges. 

How do I apply?

A grower can apply for a GoFlex line of credit by completing a short, one page application that can be found on The Equity’s webpage or by asking their crop-specialist.  Decision time on these applications is usually 24-48 hours.

What are the loan terms and conditions?

 Typically, GoFlex is a one-year straight line of credit that matures on January 15th of the following year. 


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